Petrichor refers to the pleasant, earthy smell that accompanies rain after a period of warm, dry weather. This piece for flute, harp, and percussion will offer a ritualistic means of welcoming the rains.

This piece was commissioned by Dr. Miho Takekawa and will be premiered by Dr. Jennifer Rhyne, flute, Dr. Miho Takekawa, percussion, and Catherine Case, harp in the Fall of 2019 at Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA).

This will be a series of three works all centered around the idea of baptism— of ritual cleansing. This project will begin with a piece for solo harp, followed by a piece for string orchestra, and culminate in a piece for full orchestra.


Written for saxophone quartet, this piece will consider the amethyst as a gemstone and its various usages throughout history.



This three-movement work is for two 5.0 octave marimbas.