PETRICHOR for alto flute, percussion, and harp (2019)

About the music

Petrichor refers to the pleasant, earthy smell that accompanies rain after a period of warm, dry weather.

Growing up in western Washington, I was always surrounded by nature and rain. I’ve learned to find comfort in the rain: the smell has always been grounding and relaxing to me. That, in combination with a growing interest in ritual and other esoteric themes led me to compose Petrichor, which offers a ritualistic means of welcoming the rains. I also owe many thanks to Miho Takekawa for commissioning this piece and for continuing to support my music.

Petrichor was commissioned by Dr. Miho Takekawa and will be premiered in March, 2020 by Jennifer Rhyne, flute, Miho Takekawa, percussion, and Catherine Case, harp.